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When life calls for more, Vita Bella answers. Adventure, energy, or whatever you're into, we're your go-to for maximizing this little thing called life.

No more dull moments. Vita Bella thrives on making every day nothing short of epic. When you look back— you’ll know that you didn't just exist, you lived life to the fullest.

Good health is a basic human right. Period.

We’re on a mission to make accessible wellness solutions a reality for everyone. In an industry where treatment costs can be sky high, we offer affordability without burning a hole in your wallet. Our commitment is to create high-quality solutions that seamlessly integrate into and elevate your lifestyle.

The power is in your hands to redefine yourself, with help from our science-backed products, tools, and resources to get you there.

Meet the Team

Phil Vella

Founder / CEO

Dr Daniel Bryan

Chief Medical Advisor - PC

Dr Robert Lieske

Chief Medical Advisor - MSO

Dr Brooke Bumetti

Chief of Dermatology

Dr Irshad Shakir

Head Collaborating Physician

Cassie Dundon


Sharon Luma


Heather Jimenez


Lucy Meroni


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